Calumet Theatre

Since March of 1900, the Calumet Theatre has been offering quality peformances to the community who contains multiple generations of descendants who immigrated to the area over the years. Hearing Loop Systems was referred to the theatre by an audiologist from the Portage Health System, wanting to provide improved assistive listening to their patients and other patrons who attend events at the 700 seat capacity theatre.

The loop system is now installed on both the main oor seating area and in the balcony seating sections above the main oor. Those who use a T-Coil equipped hearing aid can easily access the loop system. Loop receivers equipped with a headset , are available at the check-in point to those who require hearing assistance within the theatre.

The unique design and acoustical environment required a special design of the loop, in order to prevent any cross-over from any acoustical musical instruments performing from the stage. Now any patron who requires the optimum hearing assistance can bene t from the loop system by a ip of a switch on their hearing instrument or hearing aid.

Recent Work