Mc Morran Place

Ranked as one of the top entertainment and sports facilities in the heart of southeastern Michigan and home to the Miss Michigan Pageant, McMorran Place desired to provide a complete listening and hearing experience to their patrons.

Quota International, one of the local service organizations connected with Hearing Loop Systems in West Michigan, provided the funding to install a more user-friendly technology with the induction hearing loop system.

This 1,150 seat auditorium features concerts, theatrical productions, dance recitals, townhall meetings, and other community events, and it now offers the hearing loop system for all ages and group varieties. The installation of this unique technology has increased the awareness and need for improved hearing in public spaces throughout the Port Huron community, which has led to the design and installation of a new hearing loop in the Bluewater Convention Center meeting rooms. Many groups now using the McMorran Place system have remarked on its outstanding clarity. They say they are able to better hear and understand the audio broadcast and presentations in the auditorium.

Recent Work