Michigan State University Breslin Center

Michigan State University’s Breslin Center is not only a great place to see a college basketball game; it is now a great place to hear a game. In 2010, an initiative passed to improve the overall sound system and audio components in the arena by upgrading from the FM listening system to the induction hearing loop system. The university contracted Hearing Loop Systems to design, engineer, and install the system in both the upper and lower bowls. In October 2010 the hearing loop system went into the stadium, providing coverage of 12,200 of its 14,759 seats (excluding bleachers) for basketball and special events. The next seating area to be considered for expansion of the loop system is the retractable bleacher section on the playing oor level.

The unique requirements for the design and installation of the loop wire called for special wire placement behind the seating, underneath the pre-cast concrete risers, and, in some places, laid and caulked into the expansion joints. All in all, the total system took almost four months to install. There also was great support from the university’s director of the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities and Facilities Management Group. Now, the stadium meets the IEC 60118-4 International Loop Standard, and at Michigan State basketball games, people with hearing loss will have a clearer audio experience.

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