Michigan Technological University

Ranked as one of the premier technological universities in the U.S., Michigan Technological University decided to contract with Hearing Loop Systems to engineer, design and install an induction hearing loop system for their large lecture room located in Fisher Hall. The university began exploring this in 2011 as an alternative to the standard FM listening system on the market. Once they received funding from a corporate university sponsor, they selected the Fisher Hall sight as one of the most visible and widely used spaces on campus.

Some of the venues the university offers to the students and faculty in the lecture hall are movies, live entertainment, pre-run theatre showings and outside speakers. The loop system works effectively with all of these and has provided a much improved listening experience for those who are hard of hearing. Since Michigan Tech is on the cutting edge of communication technology, they plan to expand the loop system to other sights on their campus over the long run.

Many students who have and will utilize the loop system have remarked about its outstanding clarity and ease of accessibility for the end-user. Now students and faculty who before had struggled to hear well in the space, are able to decipher and understand what is being broadcast thorough the audio system without any problem. This loop system in their lecture hall will be a dynamic witness of the spoken word for many years to come.

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