Michigan Theatre

The Michigan Theater is one of Ann Arbor’s oldest non-profit center for fine film and the performing arts. Opened in 1928, the theater at that time had no assistive listening system available to the general public. Over time and as recent as two years ago, patrons with hearing loss began requesting that the best in current ALD(assistive listening device)systems be made available to the theater attendees. Hearing Loop Systems was contacted to conduct a site survey prior to designing and installing a loop system for their main oor seating area. They also decided to provide the same type of hearing loop system to their attendees in the screening room.

This 1700-seat theater, along with the 200-seat screening room is now looped and being offered as an ADA compliant assistive listening system. Because of the nature and age of the seating areas in the main theater, the installation of the loop wire had to be done in such a way to not interfere with any other audio devices in the theater. HLS’s engineering team went to work and came up with the appropriate design and con guration of the loop system.

Many who attend the variety of musical and speaking events in the theater, say they are able to better hear and understand the audio broadcast and productions from the local performing arts and civic organizations as well. Now that the Michigan Theater is providing a much improved hearing experience for their patrons, there is strong consideration being given to expand this into the other main oor seating areas and the theater balcony.

Recent Work