St Louis De Montfort Catholic Community

By any standard, this Catholic Community is one of the most prestigious worship facilities in the greater Indianapolis area. They had a desire to provide the most current listening technology available to their parishioners and to those visiting their mass services and other events held in their sanctuary. Word of other hearing loop installations we had done in the area, along with a reference from their sister church St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lafayette, IN, found its way to the church, and we began working on our design and installation speci cations. We also worked closely with their A/V supplier, Circle City Audio, in providing the most ef cient assistive listening system available in the marketplace today.

The nish ooring surface in their sanctuary is carpet tile squares which allowed for us to become creative with our loop wire installation. Through the use of our professional carpet subcontractor, we were able to completely conceal the wire in the oor, providing total loop signal coverage throughout the main seating and listening area of the sanctuary. Not only does the church use this facility for mass services and community events, but they operate a Catholic school, which now allows students to use the hearing loop available as well. This inductive hearing loop system in their sanctuary will be a dynamic witness of the spoken word for many years to come.

Recent Work