Village Theatre at Cherry Hill

This 400 seat theater is located in the heart of downtown Canton and is one of the premiere performing/visual arts and education centers in the area. Having applied for a grant to upgrade their sound/audio-visual system and the assistive listening system, and at the same time having conversation with a local audiologist, they decided to contract with HLS to design and install these systems. This theater features and offers concerts, theatrical productions, dance recitals and other community events to the public.

The installation of this unique wireless technology will increase the awareness and need for an improved hearing experience throughout the Canton community. Along with the new loop system, new sound system upgrades will also enhance the overall listening experience at the theater. Hearing Loop Systems will be on-sight once the systems are up and running to conduct an in-service presentation of the function and benefits of both systems.

Through the cooperation of the theater technical staff, and the support and advocacy of the local audiologist, the convenience of using the loop system will be made available to all patrons who attend events at the theater.

Recent Work