Ward Church

With a seating capacity for 1,600 people, this premiere worship facility located between Ann Arbor and Detroit offers both contemporary and traditional worship services on Sunday mornings. The church had provided an FM assistive listening system for a number of years to their members and guests who required an improved listening experience. One of their church family members, who has a severe loss of hearing, introduced Ward Church to a newer technology: induction hearing loops.This member even donated the funds required to install the system.

The induction hearing loop system antennae was installed in the Worship Center beneath the carpet, providing loop signal coverage across the entire listening and seating areas. Now, those who utilize T-Coil-equipped hearing aids can “wirelessly” pick up the audio and music broadcast through the sound system. They hear clear, crisp, and intelligible sound sent directly to their own personal hearing system, which eliminates any background or ambient noise issues.

Now that Ward Church is providing an improved hearing experience of the spoken word in their Worship Center, there is strong consideration being given to installing the loop system in their Chapel as well.

Recent Work