The following article appeared in The Daily Iowan on May 9, 2013

By Cassidy Riley

The University of Iowa has plans in the works to install hearing-loop technology in several buildings around campus, and while more expensive than older technology, official say the quality is worth it.

By simply switching a hearing aid or cochlear implant to the “T” setting, the hearing-loop system will send the sounds in a room directly to the hearing aid or implant.

In the past, the UI has relied on personal FM systems. Traditionally, a person with a hearing impairment would have an FM system that they would wear headphones with and a speaker would speak into a microphone connected to a transmitter  sending signals to the FM system device.

The UI has installed this new hearing loop technology in the B111 Medical Laboratories. The installation cost was roughly $10,000 one time. Personal FM systems can cost more than $500 each.

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