Are you in the Loop?

Having difficulties enjoying music or television at home? Struggling to hear public announcements while out and about? Often, personal hearing aids aren’t enough to provide perfect clarity. And “add-on” devices like headphones are clumsy and unhygienic after being passed from person to person. Thanks to the latest advancement in audiology — The Induction Loop System — you now have access to perfect audio perception and discretion without ever having to remove your hearing aid. With the Loop, audio signals are transmitted directly to your telecoil (T-coil)  equipped hearing aid, broadcasting sound that is customized to your ears only.

Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing Loop Systems was established in 2008 by a contracting company with over 30 years of experience in the installation of audio/video systems for churches, schools, airports, convention centers, meeting rooms, sports facilities, and other commercial establishments. As the nations leading provider of “Loop Systems,” we are working together with audiologists, architects, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations across the country to promote and develop “looped communities.” Hearing Loop Systems has a passion to promote, provide, and teach people about the benefits of loop systems.

Wherever You Are

Airports, houses of worship, entertainment venues, educational facilities, business environments, and more. Hearing Loop Systems devices are extremely versatile and can be found in a wide variety of locations, ensuring that you’ll be able to fully participate wherever you go.

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